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Remote Backup Monitoring & Management for Managed Service Providers (MSP’s)

WorkOnMyNetwork offers automatic and Remote Management and Monitoring of your clients backup processes to ensure that the businesses run smoothly while being confident that the data is safe and secure. Backup Management is one of the key tasks in any organization, whether your data is stored centrally or on local machines we backup all your data periodically. Our automatic remote backup management system requires little or no input and performs the backups in the background without disturbing the users.

Backup needs have become ever important and managing it efficiently is a primary requirement for every businesses.  Even a robust system is prone to disasters; but an efficient system is the one that takes the least mean time to repair and restore normalcy.  The key is not just in taking backups but also implementing them.  In case of data loss, our expert consultants work with the organization closely to restore normalcy and reduce the mean time to repair.

Our Remote Backup Monitoring & Backup Management Service includes but is not limited to:

Full Backups: Full backup allows making copies of all the data files on the computer.  These types of backups are meant for computer novices and for the average home computers.

Incremental Backups: These types of backups are generally done more than once a week for maximum protection against data loss.  It only backs up the files that have changed since the last backup and so are quicker and have less disk space requirements.  The only disadvantage with this type of backup is that it takes longer time to restore than other types of backups.

Differential Backups: It back ups only the files that have changed since the last full backup, so the backup takes longer and have more disk space requirements but the restoration time is very short.

Restoration features include:

File path restoration: Restores original file paths when restoring data even if the backup is restored to a different location; allowing you to find restored data easily.

Files/Folders restoration: Allows restoration of specific files or folders without restoring the entire system.

Hard drive images restoration: Allows restoring the entire system from backed up hard drive image

Restoration to separate locations: Allows restoring data to different location; can backup data from multiple computers and store on a separate computer.

Replacement of older files and duplicates: Gives you the choice to replace or keep older files and duplicate files during restore.


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