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Remote Database Monitoring & Management for Managed Service Providers (MSP’s)

In the current business environment every organization has their data centrally located, requires mutual working and depends highly on databases. WorkOnMyNetwork's Remote Database Administration (DBA) Services, provides secure management, higher availability, improved performance and lower mean time to repair for ever evolving business requirements. Our services range from complete remote database administration, database design, planning, setup and installations, backups/restoration and database upgrades. 

WorkOnMyNetwork has the experience and ability in managing a variety of databases on multiple environments with different configurations.  With our remote database administration service we have helped our clients achieve sustained higher availability, improved performance, lower mean time to repair and a scalable business infrastructure.  We have managed many complex customer segments across various time zones providing reliable and optimally performing databases.

Our Remote Database Monitoring & Management Service includes but is not limited to:

  • Database Planning & Setup: Involves in-depth analysis of the current business environment and understanding the business information flow.  Also involves predicting the future growth, performance and access requirements.  We conduct deep down analysis to identify such and any other requirements and based on the findings design, plan and setup the databases accordingly.
  • Remote Database Administration: Involves managing the daily database administration tasks like alert management, event reporting and logging, error escalation to higher authorities as per the business process.  We streamline and automate such tasks so that there is minimal hindrance to the business process.
  • Performance & Tuning:  Involves overall tuning and performance management of the databases remotely.  It includes performance report generation, reports analysis and performance issues identification and tuning.
  • Database Backup Management & Restoration:  Unforeseen circumstances sometimes results in data loss; our backup management strategies ensure the latest and timely backup so that in unavoidable situations there is minimalist loss.  Using standard set of tools and services we can automate your recovery process so that you are up and running in no time.  Redundant databases and failover switches ensure higher availability of your data.
  • Database Support:  We provide one on one telephone and email support to your clients for efficient and speedy problem solution.

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