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Remote Network Infrastructure Management for Managed Service Providers (MSP’s)

As your clients Network Infrastructure Management Services Provider, our consultants keep a close eye monitoring the network infrastructure. WorkOnMyNetwork's Network Infrastructure Management solution helps you create or maintain a robust, scalable and highly available network infrastructure. Current business environments have become highly complex; whether your customer has a single office, multiple offices across geographic boundaries, executives on the move or any other scenario, we work strenuously to identify any potential issues that may arise considering number of factors like future growth, application requirements etc.  Our solutions can manage your variety of hardware remotely to integrate it with the software and to achieve business processes.

Our Network Management and Monitoring service includes but is not limited to:

  • Configuration Management:  Maintaining the integration between hardware and software and also includes planning of any new infrastructure that needs to be added with least or no downtime at all.
  • Performance Management: proactively manage the performance of the existing infrastructure identifying and resolving bottlenecks.  Analyzing and solving future performance requirements based on planned business growth and its impact.
  • Fault Management: Optimal fault analysis, dissemination of fault, root cause analysis and raising alarms coupled to the problem resolution process.
  • Security Management:  A robust system is still prone to attacks; but our service delivery architecture makes sure that your security devices are up to date to deal with the latest threats.  We continuously monitor and maintain your firewalls, VPN services, Anti-Virus software and many more.
  • Voice Networking Service: Voice networking could include VOIP communications, Mobile Gateways, Email on the go and many more.  Our solutions help your organizations reduced dependability on these machines and frees up key resources.

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Remote IT Infrastructure Managed Services
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